As of Saturday 21st March 2020 our space was closed for all non urgentPhysiotherapy and Pilates/ Strength and Conditioning appointments and classes in line with the UK Government guidelines relating to COVID- 19. 

Are you open for face to face physiotherapy?
Yes but under government guidelines we are only seeing essential and urgent appointments.
What do I need to be aware of if I request a face to face appointment?
Under guidance form the government and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy we have risk assessed our space and implemented specific operational and infection control measures. You will need to be aware of the following if you attend a face to face appointment;
  • The mechanisms and risks of transmission and exposure of COVID-19 click here for further information
  • The nature of close client to physiotherapist contact during a face to face physiotherapy consultation. Your Four Sides physiotherapist will be within 2 metres of you during the appointment and is likely to use hands on to assess and manually treat you.
  • As per government guidelines during the appointment your physiotherapist will be wearing PPE including a surgical mask, apron and gloves as deemed appropriate. As the client you will be asked to wear a face covering or mask as per government recommendations due to being within 2 metres of someone you don't normally meet and in an enclosed space.
  • You will be asked to use hand sanitiser on entering our space. You will then be asked to wash your hands before and after your appointment. Before, during and after your appointment your physiotherapist will be following infection control guidelines including cleaning of all equipment, plinth, chairs, desks, laptops, sink and doorhandles between each client appointment.
What do I need to do on booking a face to face appointment?
On booking your appointment you must reply to the auto email you receive to let us know the following;
a) Why you are requesting to be seen face to face?
b) Confirm that you and your household are well, symptom free and following the latest government guidelines on social distancing
c) Confirm that you have read our COVID-19 terms and conditions on our website regarding what a face to face appointment will entail and understand the risks of transmission and exposure of COVID-19
Your physiotherapist will then be in contact with you to confirm they are happy to see you face to face.
What do I do if my physiotherapy is non-essential?
For all non-urgent physiotherapy, rehab updates and exercise prescription we are offering remote video sessions. These can be via FaceTime or Skype. Our physiotherapist's will assess you to the best of their ability via video, prescribe self treatments and exercise to help you manage your pain and regain function and strength. We recommend you to wear something comfortable and appropriate for assessment and position your device 2-3m away so the physiotherapist can see your whole body.
With will happen to passes/sessions I purchased prior to COVID-19?

Until we are able to re-open and operate as normal we will be freezing all active passes/ sessions on all client accounts.  We are unable to offer refunds but will extend passes/ sessions by the length of time for which we are closed. Our online classes and video services have different pricing options which are non transferable. Please contact [email protected] to request extension of your pass once we re-open.

How can I attend your LIVE Zoom Video classes?

Anybody can join our LIVE classes which are done via Zoom. You can book as normal through MINDBODY and will need to have Zoom downloaded to your device. 15 minutes before the class you will receive a link and meeting ID which will allow you to join the class. You can have your video on or off and all participants are muted during the classes to ensure there is no background noise and you can hear your physiotherapist.

How do I know if the LIVE classes are right for me?
Before taking our classes or doing any exercise, it is your responsibility to know that you are fit and well and that the classes are suitable for you. If you are unsure of this we advise you to seek medical advice from a health care professional (which might include one of Four Sides London Physiotherapists). To the extent that we have not specifically assessed your body and specifically instructed you to carry out specific exercises, we are not liable for any actions and exercises you undertake. You are responsible for your own safety.
Booking, amending and cancelling appointments
Should I book through the website or MINDBODY app?
If booking for with us for the first time, we recommend you to use the 'Book Now' link on our website.  For subsequent bookings the MINDBODY app is the easiest way to book, amend and cancel appointments. Please note if you are using the app you need to link your online account; in the app go into settings and send verification email, verify that email and it will link your account to the app.
Why do I have to choose new or existing client?
All clients booking with us for the first time have to complete an intro session or initial consultation.  
In our Pilates and Strength Conditioning intro sessions our physiotherapists' screen for postural imbalances and movement dysfunctions. This allows us to tailer classes and programs to you and your goals.
New Physiotherapy clients will need to an initial consultation; where we complete a detailed assessment of your condition and create your treatment plan and rehab program.  
After you first session with us you will have full access to book from our 'existing client' menu.
How do I book an appointment/class using the MINDBODY app?
Once you have downloaded the MINDBODY app on your mobile device, search for Four Sides and add us to your favourites.  All appointments and classes available on our website can be booked through the MINDBODY app. Please note you are unable to do re-occurring bookings on the app.
What should I do if I have issues booking?
We hope that booking with Four Sides London will be as easy simple.  However if you do have any issues then please email [email protected] and we will contact you as soon as a member of the team is available.  We aim to respond to all client enquiries within 24 hours.
How do I book an appointment for me and my partner/family?
Please log on to your MINDBODY account and navigate to "My Info" and then "Profile".  There you can then "Add Family Member" and select if you want to pay for each family member through your account.
I've cancelled my appointment, why have I not received money back in to my account?
When you cancel an appointment or class with more than 12 hours notice, your MINDBODY account will be credited.  If you would prefer a refund of your payment, then please email [email protected] and we will arrange this for you.  If an appointment or class is cancelled within 12 hours, then we cannot credit your account or refund payment.
Why haven't I received a confirmation email for my appointment/class?
When setting up your MINDBODY account, in order to receive confirmation emails and receipts, you must "Subscribe to email reminders & notifications".  In order to activate this functionality, in your MINDBODY account, please navigate to "My Info" and then "Profile".  Click "edit" in your "Personal" information and then select "Yes" to "Subscribe to email reminders & notifications".  Make sure you click "Save" before leaving the page!
Can I not get hold of physio at Four Sides by phone?
At Four Sides London we want to welcome you personally in to our space and therefore we do not operate a reception.  We hope that you can find everything that you need on our website.  If you do have any questions or issues, please contact us at [email protected] and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.  We aim to respond to all client enquiries within 24 hours.
How do I see how may passes I have left out of my block of 10?
Please log in to your MINDBODY account and navigate to "My Info" and "Account".  This will show you your "Account Balance".  On this page you can see how many passes that you have purchased, how many you have remaining and when they expire.
There are no classes available, what do I do?
Our timetables both on our website and on MINDBODY are updated in real time.  If you cannot find the appointment or class that your looking for then please select and search for another time.  If you find that the appointment/class you really want is frequently unavailable, then please contact us at [email protected] and we will try our best to accommodate you.
How do I book repeating sessions e.g. Same time every week?
You can only book recurring appointments using the MINDBODY booking tool. online. Once you have found your preferred appointment/class, when you reach the "Select Appointment Details" page, click on "Book Recurring Appointments".
There's no reception, do I need to check in to my appointment and how do I book another session?
When arriving at our space, if you are attending a class you can check in on our iPad via the MINDBODY check in app. If you are coming for an appointment there is no need for you to check in, our Physiotherapists will do all that for you.  If you are early for your session, please feel free to relax in our welcome area where your Physiotherapist will come to greet you. To book in another session you can log into your MINDBODY account either on our reception iPad before leaving (remember to log yourself out!) or at your leisure at home.
Can I pay for my appointment/class in cash on the day?
All of our payments are taken online through MINDBODY.  No cash is kept in our space and we are unable to accept cash payment for any sessions.
Appointments and classes
Why can't I book a class as a New Four Sides Client?
If new to us then you must complete a Four Sides Intro session before you can book in to a class.
Who will I be exercising with if I join a class of 4 or 6 people?
Our classes are open to anyone, of any age and any ability, male or female.  Our goal is to be at the centre of our community and we hope you will enjoy your class at Four Sides London whether with existing or new friends.
How do your wait lists for your classes work? 
We have a wait list of 2 people maximum per class. If you add yourself to a wait list then you will be informed by email if a space becomes available by being automatically booked into that class. The wait list will close 2 hours before the start of the class. If you are added to a class from a wait list and then go on to cancel, we retain our 12 hours cancellation policy.

Private medical insurance


Do you accept insurance Physiotherapy?

We are recognised for Physiotherapy by all major insurance companies. Please contact your provider for the terms of your policy. Most insurance companies will require a referral from your GP before commencing treatment. 

How do I claim for my session through my insurer?

Axa: Unfortunately Axa are unable to cover the fees of our Initial Consultation. We request Axa clients to self pay for their Physiotherapy Initial Consultation (bookable online £120). We will then take care of payments for subsequent appointments with Axa from there on after. Please note you will require an active authorisation code for treatment after your Initial Consultation.

Bupa: Bookable online. After booking your Bupa Initial Consultation please email [email protected] prior to your appointment with your membership number and pre-authorisation number. Treatment is limited to 5 x 30 minute sessions per condition unless otherwise stated.

All other insurers: Follow our normal booking process for a Physiotherapy appointment (click on 'Book Now' on our website homepage). You will be required to pay for the appointment at the time of booking. Inform the Physiotherapist at your initial session that you are claiming through insurance and they will email you an invoice and receipt so that you can claim it back through your medical insurer.  

Four Sides London provider numbers:

Bupa- 80013439.  

Axa-  Laura Harman LH02175.  Jess Reed JR04410.  Emma Wrath EW01776.  Anna Woolley AW05200