Four Sides @ Home - Cleeng login issues

Some clients have experienced issues when logging in to play their video(s). This is a Cleeng issue that we are working to resolve with them as quickly as possible.

If you cannot access the video you have purchased please try following the steps below



Having difficulties accessing the content you purchased? Please check the following options:


1. Please try using another browser or clear the cache and cookies of the browser you’ve been using

Here's a tutorial that will guide you through the process, depending on the browser type and device that you're using: Why and how to clear cache and cookies?


2. For Safari users only

Some versions of the Safari browser are designed in such a way that prevents certain features (such as pop-up windows) from properly working on various websites. Because such problems are caused by Safari itself, there is usually not a lot we can do to make these features work if the web-browsing software is incompatible with them.

Luckily, there are some workarounds that can be utilized in case you will encounter one of these issues.


Issue no.1 - Blocked pop-up with a checkout window (i.e. "nothing happens when I click 'Log in/Already have access' button").

This problem usually occurs upon the first visit to a website when the user is trying to sign up or sign in to the checkout and purchase or access the content.

In these cases, as soon as you enter the website and attempt to log in, you should see a notification in the address bar about the pop-up window being blocked. To allow the browser to display it, click the small window-shaped icon next to the refresh button in order to authorize the cookie and allow the window to be displayed. After that, any subsequent login attempts will work normally as long as the cookie is stored in the browser’s cache.

In case your first login still does not give you access after allowing the pop-up window to appear, try reloading the page and re-logging with email and password.

If this does not work:

Image 1
Image 1

On iPhone / iPad, close Safari then open Settings > Safari.  Then ensure "Block Pop-ups" is turned off (see image 1).  Re open Safari and then try to log in again.


On Mac, open two Safari windows, one at and the other  Then go to Safari in the menu bar > Preferences > Websites.  Ensure "Allow" is selected against and (see image 2). Close preferences and then quit Safari.  Re-open Safari and then try to log in again.

Image 2
Image 2

Issue no.2 - Logging in does not give access to the purchased content (checkout window loops back to the "Get access" page).

This problem is related to the Safari cross-site policy, meaning that the browser recognizes that the content embedded on the website is hosted on a different domain, which conflicts with the way it handles web security.  To solve this issue:

Image 3
Image 3

On iPhone / iPad, close Safari then open Settings > Safari.  Then ensure "Prevent Cross-Site Tracking" and "Block All Cookies" is turned off (see image 3).  Re open Safari and then try to log in again.


On Mac, disable website tracking in Safari: go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy and un-check the box right next to the “Website tracking” setting (see image 4).

Image 4
Image 4

After following these steps, if you are still having issues, please email [email protected]


Thank you,

The Four Sides Team