Tabbi Eats

Serves 4



2 Courgettes

2 Eggs

70g Self-rising flour

2 tsp Sweet paprika

2 tsp Mild chilli powder

2 Garlic cloves

60g Feta

2 tbsp Oil

Fritter ingredients


  1. In a bowl grate the courgettes, add the eggs, crumble the feta, flour, minced garlic, paprika and chilli. Mix well so everything is combined
  2. Add 1 tbsp oil to a pan on medium heat, once the pan is hot enough add 1 tbsp of the courgette mixture to the pan, continue until all the mixture is used up (you might need a little bit more oil depending on the type of pan you are using). Cook the fritter on each side until it is crispy and the filling is fully cooked.


This recipe is not only quick, easy and delicious, but it also nourishes your body. Courgettes contain a large number of different vitamins and minerals that are beneficial. They have a large amount of water and fibre which promotes healthy digestion and can prevent gut disorders. The fibre contained within the skin of courgettes have also been shown to reduce blood sugar levels and combined with other fruits and vegetables high in fibre can prevent type 2 diabetes. The other health benefits of courgettes include, controlling blood pressure, contributing to a healthy vision and aiding weight loss.


Tabbi Eats

A healthy eating consultancy founded by Dr Mahtab Chenevix-Trench. Mahtab has a PhD in Developmental Genetics and spent the last  decade within the pharmaceutical industry and therefore has a vast knowledge of different therapy areas. Her two passions in life are science and food, having completed a Nutrition course at Leith, she has combined her scientific know how and the natural goodness of food to create Tabbi Eats.


Tabbi Eats uses the latest scientific research to create bespoke meal plans for clients. There is a real focus on getting results, whether it is to improve health promote weight loss or manage an ongoing condition Tabbi Eats will provide a plan just for you.

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