Fours sides @ home

Four Sides @ Home

Programmes for you to do any time any where, designed and taught by our physiotherapists – experts in movement and strength

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Four Sides @ Home online programmes are a selection of our favourite exercises and classes taught by us that you can do where ever you are. As physiotherapists our goal is to work with you to prevent injury, to rehabilitate and develop and maintain strength. We have tailored each session to help you move, feel and live stronger.

Four Sides Pilates Method

A selection of our favourite exercises that e do here at Four Sides London sequenced into classes that you can do anytime, anywhere. 

Our classes work on strength, posture, flexibility and control to deliver you a solid, well rounded work out every time.

Designed and taught by our specialist physiotherapists, our goal is to prevent injury, rehabilitate and to develop and maintain strength. We have tailored each session to help you move, feel and live stronger.

“A great full body workout! I feel stronger and my posture has improved already. I found myself smiling back at Megan. Her enthusiasm and energy are infectious and translate through the screen!” Issy and Ruth


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On Demand Classes 

A selection of our favourite live studio classes recorded just for you.

Choose the class that suits you from a variety of our pre-recorded dynamic, energetic and flowing classes taught by our team ensuring you enjoy a different workout each time.


Four Sides Pregnancy Pilates Method

A series of 9 videos designed to support you throughout your pregnancy as Claire, co-founder of Four Sides London, journeys through hers. We work on strength, pelvic stability, posture, mobility and flexibility – with every video tailored to what is happening within your body that month.

“The videos are a great way to keep strong in pregnancy at a convenient time to you – brilliant for fitting around family life. The videos make you work hard, unlike some other pregnancy resources”  Laura

Click on trimester 1, 2 or 3 below to access the video workouts that suit your stage of pregnancy.

Four Sides Post Natal Pilates Method

Our complete physio led pilates rehabilitation that will take you from day one post birth through to full strength. We will guide you through the post natal Pilates method we have used in our own recovery and support you through this new journey. As specialist Physiotherapists and mums we know what it takes to rehabilitate during these precious weeks. We have broken our program down into 4 shorter sections so you can dip in and out as your time allows. In our method we address: Back/pelvic pain; rehabilitation and modifications to resolve symptoms and enjoy pain free exercise. Pelvic floor;  Recovering from birth injuries and weakness through to functional rehabilitation. Abdominal stretch; Giving you the tools to rehabilitate and strengthen from home. 

Stretch and Release

Stretch and Release – To mobilise the body from head to toe, targeting areas tensioned by pregnancy and in your new role as a mum. Click play above to start here.


Activation – The essentials to find and recruit aour deep core and pelvic floor. Click play above and navigate to 19m 50s to start from this sectionю

Pelvic Ring Closure

Pelvic Ring Closure – We challenge your pelvic stability and strength to prevent or relieve pain and dysfunction of the core and pelvic floor. Click play above and navigate to 43m 40s to start from this section.

Core Abdominals

Core Abdominals – A progression of our strength training, shortening and tightening of the abdominal muscles which have been challenged during pregnancy. Click play above and navigate to 61m 25s to start from this section.

Four Sides Fundamentals


A collection of short videos showcasing exercises fundamental to our Four Sides method and which form the basis for all our rehabilitation programmes.

These free videos are ideal to ensure correct execution of the exercises prior to starting one of our online programmes, or to use as part of your Four Sides rehabilitation and strength training.