Claire Mills


With schools closed and kids spending more time at home and being able to exercise less I thought I’d talk to you about the benefits of Pilates for kids and teens. Pilates may not be the first choice as a form of exercise for your child but it is perfect for the growing body and is a great combination of mind and body exercise.


Why Pilates?

Pilates is a safe low impact form of exercise that can be for any child and is appropriate for all levels of fitness. You don’t need a huge space or any equipment and it can be a great form of general fitness as their bodies are developing along with getting your child to focus and concentrate on how they are moving.


The benefits of Pilates specifically for kids and teens are:


Flexibility: Pilates exercises help to maintain flexibility in muscles and mobility in the spine. This is key to injury and pain prevention and important if your child is participating in sports to optimise agility and performance.


Strength: Pilates focuses on strengthening the core muscles of the abdomen and spine along with key muscle groups involved in pelvic and spinal stability and posture. Being stronger can again prevent pain and injury and allow their bodies to conserve energy as well as keeping them lean.


Posture: It’s inevitable especially now that children are spending more time on screens in poor sustained postures such as slouching and rounding of the shoulders. These postures can lead to a range of issues including neck and back pain. Addressing and educating children about the importance of good posture early can help prevent this plus can improve spinal alignment and body confidence.


Concentration: Pilates is a mind and body exercise meaning your child will have to focus on how they are moving, their balance and posture. Due to this Pilates can help improve mental concentration which can aid in overall improvement in concentration including at school.


See below some key sub groups that Pilates can have particular benefits for…..which should cover most children!!



Sporty Kids and Teens

Lots of child kids and teens are already sporty and some play a variety of team and individual sports. Adding in Pilates to their exercise will help prevent them from becoming injured, strengthening their bodies and improving their flexibility so that they can recover quicker from any extreme physical endurance they made endure from their sports.

Pilates can particularly compliment dynamic sports requiring lots of mobility and movement such as football, rugby, tennis, hockey and swimming.


Dance mad kids and teens

There’s long been a synergy between dancers and Pilates. Many of the most renowned Ballet dancers globally incorporate regular Pilates sessions into their exercise regimes, adding strength and balance to their repertoires. If you have a budding Prima Ballerina, a Hip Hop or Street Dancer or a teen who just loves to dance, then a Pilates for kids session will be the perfect companion activity. 


Inactive Kids & Teens

Many kids, especially those who aren’t actively inclined, might be lacking body confidence, fitness levels and stamina and therefore be reluctant or shy about taking up a new competitive sport or group activity. With Pilates, kids can enjoy a full-body workout uniquely built around their current strengths and weaknesses, adapted according to their needs.

Pilates really is suitable for all body shapes and sizes, levels of fitness and abilities and allows them to work systematically and progressively on their strength, endurance and flexibility in a completely positive and non-judgemental environment.


Kids & Teens with Motor Control or Behavioural Issues

This can be children who have been diagnosed with motor control issues such as dyspraxia, Pilates can be an excellent adjunct to any therapy to work on fine motor skills and strength in core and key muscle groups to help balance and more gross motor skills.

Pilates is also an excellent in children with behavioural issues remedying challenging behaviour and helping to alleviate the symptoms of stress, reclaiming a more quiet and controlled mind. Pilates requires a strong mind-body connection which improves levels of concentration and can boost academic and not just athletic performance. 


Kids and Teens Pilates at Four Sides

Currently due to COVID-19 all our Pilates classes and sessions are online.

Any child can join our LIVE online Zoom Mat Pilates KIDS classes(£10) which run 3 x a week. You can have the option to have your video on or off, if you choose to have it on our instructors can give feedback on posture/ control etc.


We also offer Kids and Teens Pilates 1:1’s(£35) a 30 minute Pilates session specifically tailored to your child.


We also do a 45 minute family Pilates session(£50) where everyone can get involved!


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