Physiotherapy, Pilates, Women’s Health & Strength & Conditioning. Each complementing the other to maximise musculoskeletal health. 


Our physiotherapists have a deep understanding of the body & are highly skilled in their clinical assessment. This assessment provides the foundations to your recovery is an essential place to start. 

As experts in movement & strength we will help you understand the dysfunction, your bodies strengths & weaknesses, how to recover & most importantly how to stay pain free & strong. We offer the most effective & up to date methods of treatment & rehabilitation. Our aim is to maximise recovery, ensure injury prevention & your return to long term fitness.


For new Four Sides clients & clients with new injuries. Our 60 minute consultation will start with a discussion of your current injury or dysfunction, your medical history, your goals for treatment & longer term health & fitness. This part of the assessment will guide our physical examination & support us in an accurate diagnosis & treatment planning. 

In this first session we will begin your treatment & formulate a plan going forwards. We use a variety of treatment techniques including manual therapy, myo-fascial massage & release, dry needling, taping & manipulation. All of our hands on treatment is reinforced with exercise therapy, as this is the long-lasting solution. 

We strive to empower you with the knowledge & skills to rebuild stronger than before & prevent future injuries. This investment in your musculoskeletal health will benefit  your whole body. 

At Four Sides we utilise the benefits of all our services to support your return to pain free movement & strength. This may include 1:1 rehabilitation, strength & conditioning or Pilates classes alongside your physiotherapy treatment. This complete approach is what sets us apart.


A continuation of your treatment & rehabilitation following your First Physiotherapy Consultation at Four Sides. Choose from 60 minute or 30 minute sessions for hands on hands-on treatment & active rehabilitation. We will guide you through the recovery of your injury & restore musculoskeletal health as efficiently as possible.

The frequency & duration of these sessions will depend on our assessment findings & treatment plan.




Gain greater understanding of your biomechanics & strength profile for injury prevention, enhance your recovery & improve your performance in this detailed 1:1 assessment. Lead Physio James Vickers is a specialist in athletic performance, strength & movement perfection. With a masters in sports physio & background in biomechanics & triathlon James will assess your readiness for competition & work on improving your performance in your chosen sport.

Following an in depth movement analysis James will provide a detailed summary of your strengths & weaknesses & will provide specific exercises & activity modifications to improve on these. Recommendations might include which running shoes to use, optimal bike set up, training time management & how much time to spend on specific strength exercises, or whether to train faster or slower. You will have guidance on how to adapt your training & equipment to maximise your performance & reduce injury risk. Gaining this insight into your own body will serve you time & time again. 


A bespoke 1:1 session for those training for endurance swim, bike, run or triathlon races. Ex GB athlete & physiotherapist Caitlin Bradley will assess your movement, strength & endurance to tailor-make you a training plan, to help you reach your goals & smash those times.

Caitlin has been developing bespoke swim, bike, run & triathlon training plans for the last 8 years. From running their first 5k or getting that golden sub 3hour marathon, to competing in the Commonwealth Games or Ironman Kona, Caitlin has experience in all levels of ability & competition. Her experience in elite sport, coaching & racing, combined with a masters in physiotherapy & her excellent exercise prescription skills gives her a comprehensive, diverse & professional approach to training. With movement, strength & enjoyment at its core. Her guidance has been recognised in Women’s Fitness & Cycling weekly & will help you not just in this race but time & time again.

Following this assessment of your movement, strength & goals Caitlin will provide you with a plan of fitness & training. You’ll have support on hand at each milestone & bespoke targets to guide your way to the end goal. 



A specialist service for dancers & performing artists with dance related injuries, those working on injury prevention & those preparing for competition or high load. 

Our specialists will complete a thorough assessment, screening for movement & strength imbalances specific to your dance & schedule demands. We can offer a range of hands on physiotherapy treatments as well as providing a personalised strength & conditioning program. Programs of this nature have been proven to significantly reduce injuries in dancers, as well as enhance technique. This specialist physiotherapy service is provided by specialist physiotherapist & ex Royal Ballet trained Aimee Higgs & Brittany Wawryk who have over 12 years experience working with West End & international professional dancers.


A specialist physiotherapy service to relieve symptoms of jaw, neck or tooth pain, headaches & tinitus. We are fortunate to have highly skilled physiotherapists in this area at Four Sides & their treatments include laryngeal manual therapy, vocal unloading or vocal massage. This manual work is also suitable for vocal artists as well as all voice users. 

Start with a First Jaw & Voice Physiotherapy consultation where we will assess what your body needs, formulate a treatment plan inline with your goals & begin the most appropriate treatment. Your review sessions will be timed around your vocal demands & appointment frequency will be tailored to your symptoms.



Physiotherapy massage is provided by our highly skilled physiotherapists & tailored to your needs. This hands on treatment is specific to a body part or region to provide relief & enhance recovery. If you’re feeling the intensity of your training or your long week is taking it’s toll, Four Sides can help get you back in the game. 

Please note this is not an assessment & exercise prescription service, if you have an injury we recommend a full assessment and appropriate treatment with a first physiotherapy consultation.


This is an opportunity to work with our physiotherapy team to maximise your rehab & musculoskeletal health. The 60 minute session will be specific to your injury & ability, focused on improving your movement & strength to aid your recovery. We will utilise the equipment Four Sides has to offer, which might be weights, TRX, reformer Pilates or mat work. Please note: this is not a manual therapy session & you require a Four Sides First Physiotherapy Consultation prior to booking this session.



First Physiotherapy Consultation – 60mins – £140

Physiotherapy Review – 60mins – £130

Physiotherapy Review – 45mins – £100

Physiotherapy Review – 30mins – £75

Physio Massage – 30mins – £65

Rehab – 60mins – £105

Sport & Athlete Physiotherapy – 60mins – £160

Dance & Performance Physiotherapy – 60mins – £160

First Jaw & Voice Physiotherapy Consultation – 60mins – £160

Jaw & Voice Physiotherapy Review – 30mins – £85

** Please note that payment is required at the time of booking for all services **

** A full refund is provided for cancellations with 36 hours notice **


We are recognised by most insurance providers. Please check with your provider before booking that they will reimburse our fees. We will of course provide a receipt for their reference. 

We are able to invoice BUPA directly. For this you must have a valid authorisation code along with your membership number & number of sessions that BUPA have authorised prior to your first consultation. BUPA Four Sides London provider number is: 80013439


A 100 year-old method that targets flexibility & strength to enhance your movement & posture. Pilates is renowned for it’s benefits in rehabilitation & injury prevention. Both mat & reformer Pilates is used worldwide to treat pain & movement dysfunction for all people & all phases of life. 

Our Four Sides Pilates instructors are also physiotherapists & experts in movement & strength. So Pilates with us is always tailored to your body & your goals. 

We plan our 4:1 Pilates classes to incorporate strength, stretch, balance & control. We are used to working with beginners, athletes, dancers & those who’ve tried Pilates many times before. Our Pilates sessions are for everybody & we challenge you to push yourself in search of better movement.


We start with a discussion of your goals, previous injuries & motivating factors for starting Pilates with us. This builds the basis of our assessment where we blend our physiotherapy & pilates skills to screen for postural, strength & movement imbalances. 

In 60 minutes we will take you through the principles of Pilates on the mat & reformer. Whether it’s your first time or you have heaps of Pilates experience, this allows us to identify strengths & weakness, however big or small. Without this, one would be training blindly & limiting your experience & benefit. 

What we find in this session will shape your future sessions with us. If you’re ready to jump straight into classes we will recommend the best ones for you.

After completing your FIRST PILATES 1:1 you will gain Four Sides membership & have full access to our timetable. Your first class will be added free of charge. 


Pilates is a great form of exercise for children & teens. With consideration for their growing body we can work on strength, stability, coordination & improve their posture.

In this 45 minute 1:1 session we will  determine your child’s goals, previous injuries & motivating factors for starting Pilates with us. This builds the basis of our assessment where we blend our physiotherapy & pilates skills to screen for postural, strength & movement imbalances. 

We will take them through the principles of Pilates on the mat & reformer if they’re ready. This allows us to identify strengths & weakness – however big or small. 

What we find in this session will shape their future sessions with us. We will recommend the best approach for your Child’s goals. This could be 1:1, 2:1 or small group sessions. We may well also provide exercises for them to enjoy at home to support their sessions.



These 60 minute sessions are all about you. Tailored to your body & your goals without compromises. We will combine mat, reformer & small Pilates kit as you choose to deliver your perfect Pilates workout. 

As experts in movement & strength we aim to incorporate our physiotherapy skills & knowledge into these movement based Pilates sessions. 


These 60 minute session is about you & your friend. Work together, push yourselves with the expert guidance of a Four Sides physiotherapist. 

We will combine mat, reformer & small Pilates kit so you both leave charged & honed.


Whole body focussed to build strong bodies & controlled movements. All of our classes are for all levels & for everyone. 

Our FOUNDATIONS is all about the fundamentals; perfecting & fine tuning your movement. In our ORIGINAL classes we focus on strength. We work on reps & sets for strength, peppered with exercises for flexibility & length.

For more of a challenge try a HIGH. This class is where we really push the intensity. We incorporate more resistance, jump boards & free weights to increase your heart rate & push your strength high.

In FLOW we join the exercises together to create a repertoire that is fast paced & feels good. You’ll need a little more experience for this type of class but our physiotherapists are well rehearsed in leading you through the challenge. 

All of our classes are dynamic, fun & tailored to you. Complete a FIRST PILATES 1:1 to gain Four Sides membership & have full access to our timetable. Your first class will be added free of charge.


Four Sides London’s take on Joseph Pilates original design. We deliver dynamic, energetic, inventive & enjoyable mat based Pilates classes. Every exercise is chosen to strengthen & challenge the body. Focus on posture & control, & experience a different class every time. These classes are in studio as well as online using Mindbody live stream.


Four Sides London’s women’s health team are specialists in pregnancy & post-natal exercise. Our progressive ante-post natal classes strengthen the body from the inside out, focussing on the pelvis, tummy, back & pelvic floor. Pilates exercises targeted at these areas are key in the prevention of back & pelvic girdle pain as well as preventing pelvic floor dysfunction during your pregnancy & after birth.


A 45minute 1:1 Pilates session with one of our specialist Pilates trained physiotherapists for those under 16years.

Following on from their FIRST PILATES 1:1, we will tailor these sessions to your Child’s strengths, weakness’s and goals. We may combine mat, reformer & weighted exercises to deliver the perfect session.


A 45minute 2:1 Pilates session with one of our specialist Pilates trained physiotherapists for those under 16years.

Both children must complete a FIRST PILATES 1:1 before embarking on joint sessions.



FIRST PILATES 1:1 – 60mins (+1st class free) – £85

PILATES 1:1 – 60mins – £95

Class pass 5 – £462.50

Class pass 10 – £900

PILATES 2:1 – 60mins – £110

Class pass 5 – £525

Class pass 10 – £1000


Class pass 5 – £165

Class pass 10 – £315

MAT PILATES CLASSES 8:1 – 60mins  – £20

Class pass 10 – £180


TEENS & KIDS FIRST PILATES 1:1 – 45 mins – £70

TEENS & KIDS PILATES 1:1 – 45 mins – £75

Class pass 5 – £362.50

Class pass 10 – £700

TEENS & KIDS PILATES 2:1 – 45 mins – £95

Class pass 5 – £462.50

Class pass 10 – £900


** Please note that payment is required at the time of booking for all services **


Strength & Conditioning (S&C) is often skipped over, superseded by the sports we love & squeezed out by life’s time constraints.  However most injuries occur as a result of weaknesses or muscle imbalance. Adding S&C sessions to your training regime can significantly reduce your risk of injury, improve day-to-day movement & of course enhance sports performance. 

Our S&C sessions are designed to suit everyone; the rehearsed athlete, regular runner & even those returning from injury or following pregnancy. Our physiotherapists will select the exercise, equipment & intensity suited to your body. We will coach you & push you on. Our studio is equipped with free weights, TRX & plyometric exercise equipment.

We will select exercises to  improve muscular strength & endurance – the foundations of injury prevention & performance.

FIRST S&C 1:1 

Purpose built for those wishing to join our private or group Strength & Conditioning sessions, this 1:1 Introduction gives our specialist physiotherapist the opportunity to get to know you & your body. 

We start with a discussion of your lifestyle & goals building the basis of our assessment – screening for postural imbalances, movement dysfunctions & how you move. Ultimately we see how to improve your movement & strength. 

Our physiotherapists will then build a session tailored to you & your goals. Let us take you through free weights & mat exercises to find your starting point & test your limits.

On completion of this session you will become Four Sides registered & will have full access to our timetable. We will recommend the best class for you & you will receive a free S&C class as an introduction to all of our services.

Please note:

– Payment is taken at the time of booking.

– Cancellations with a full refund are available with 36hours notice. 



S&C 1:1

It’s all about you, your body, your challenges & your goals. Trust our expert physiotherapists to deliver your personalised S&C session. We will incorporate the equipment that is best suited to you & that will enhance your musculoskeletal health. Your session will be in our private 1:1 studio.

S&C 2:1

These 60 minute sessions are all about the two of you; a friend, partner or family member. This is an opportunity to train together & share the experience whilst both reaping the benefits. We will tailor the session to meet both of your goals, with sensitivity to differences in ability, experience or injury. Our Four Sides physiotherapist are well rehearsed in personalised training sessions. They will combine free weights & equipment to enhance both your musculoskeletal health. Your session will be in our private purpose built studio.

S&C 4:1

These 60 minute 4:1 – small group training are open to everyone wanting to improve strength & endurance; the foundations of injury prevention & improved performance. Gain the benefits of physio led exercise with a expert eye to guide technique & intensity whilst having the motivation of a small group to push you on. Our physiotherapists will select the exercises & equipment in a fun environment to suit you and your fellow exercisers. You’ll enjoy the benefits of free weights, TRX & body weight exercises in this action packed class. 


Led by our Women’s Health physio team, these classes are for mums, new mums & mums to be. Safe & effective strengthening for your whole body that incorporates pelvic floor, pelvis & core exercises. We are specialists in ante & post natal rehabilitation & have used our tried & tested method many times to heal & rebuild mums stronger than before. Anyone with pelvic floor dysfunction (including prolapse), tummy muscle separation or pelvic pain can train & rehabilitate safely with us in this specialist class.




STRENGTH & CONDITIONING 1:1 – 60mins – £95

Class pass 5 – £462.50

Class pass 10 – £900

STRENGTH & CONDITIONING 2:1 – 60mins – £110

Class pass 5 – £525

Class pass 10 – £1000


All class pass 5 – £165

All class pass 10 – £315

** All class passes can be used across all S&C & Pilates classes **

** Please note that payment is required at the time of booking for all services **


Our Women’s Health team are specialists in the assessment & treatment of all things pelvic, pregnancy & pelvic floor! We treat the muscles & dysfunctions that cause incontinence, prolapse & pelvic pain, as well as rehabilitating the tummy muscles, pelvic floor & core after pregnancy, trauma & surgery.

We know better than most that pain & dysfunction in the pelvis & pelvic floor can have a huge impact on how we feel, function & perform. So our  approach to Women’s Health physiotherapy takes into account your whole body & your goals to restore complete wellbeing & help you to feel stronger. We aim to:

PROTECT your system from dysfunctional movement patterns, too much too soon & activities that do not serve you. Helping you to understand what’s happening & your road to recovery is a huge part of this step as well as manual therapy & movement re-education. 

STABILISE your pelvis, pelvic floor, back & core muscles to allow the parts that need to, to heal. Women’s bodies go through much stretch, strain & shape change in our lifetimes, often moving too much. So we need to create a stable environment for them to grow stronger. This may involve manual therapy, taping, bracing or pessary fitting, as well as strength work.

REHABILITATE safely, progressively & completely getting you back to what you enjoy. All physiotherapy, & especially womens health, is about restoring movement, relieving pain & discomfort & enhancing your life experience. We aim to get you feeling strong & confident day to day, in sports, further pregnancies & through life’s continually varied challenges.

Our Women’s Health team is headed up by Megan Vickers, Author of “Stronger – the honest guide to healing & rebuilding after pregnancy & birth.” Whether this challenge was 6 weeks, 6 years or 60 years ago we specialise in your recovery, it is never too late to grow stronger. 


This is for women of any age or stage of life, pregnant, never been, postpartum or not. Every woman can benefit from an in depth assessment of their pelvic health. Who really knows how to confidently do a pelvic floor exercise? Is it specific to you & what you are experiencing? Surely this intimate part of your recovery needs an intimate, personalised approach? We believe so & tailor each session, exercise prescription & rehabilitation plan to what we find & what your body needs. 

We start with a discussion of your symptoms, investigations & treatment or coping strategies so far. Your current exercise routines & goals will guide our specialist assessment & helps us build your diagnosis. We will assess your pelvis & abdominal movement & strength. It is likely that you’ll be offered an internal pelvic floor examination to assess these muscles; their position, strength & function. We then formulate a treatment plan specific to you & aligned with your goals.

We may offer you treatments such as:

– Manual therapy or acupuncture for pain in the pelvis or back- Pelvic floor muscle release & retraining for pain or dysfunction.

– Prescriptive pelvic floor, abdominal & pelvic exercises for strengthening.

– Pessary fitting for pelvic organ prolapse.

– Taping or splinting advice for diastisis recti abdominis.

– Advice on tools & therapy aids for the tummy & pelvic floor to continue at home.

– Scar massage, release & healing advice if appropriate.

Our Women’s Health physiotherapists are also experienced in real-time ultrasound scanning for musculoskeletal conditions. We may offer this tool to assess for diastasis recti abdomis (a separation of the tummy muscles after pregnancy), check the tummy muscles & pelvic floor are sequencing correctly or to teach you your best pelvic floor muscle contraction.

To get started book a FIRST WOMEN’S HEALTH PHYSIOTHERAPY CONSULTATION for a one hour assessment & treatment session.

Please note that payment is required at the time of booking for all services. A full refund is provided for cancellations with 36 hours notice.



A whole body assessment for mums to be with one of our specialist women health physiotherapists. Whether this is your first baby or not, we want to ensure you are feeling strong through your pregnancy but also prepared for your new job as a mum & your post natal rehab journey.

We will assess for prevention & treat pelvic girdle & low back pain, diastasis recti abdomens & pelvic floor weakness. Depending on your stage of pregnancy we can also include birth preparation, whether you are working towards a vaginal or abdominal delivery there is much preparation that can enhance your recovery after birth. 

We recommend an ANTE NATAL  MOT at any point from 13 weeks gestation & after your first scan. Our treatments & frequency of sessions will depend on your presentation & current trimester but key milestones for physiotherapy are:

– 20 weeks; when baby hits a growth stage & as a result so does your body.

– 27/28 weeks; at the start of your third trimester when goals & the load on your body change to focus around birth.

– 34 weeks; onwards for birth preparation that may include perineal massage, abdominal release & breath work. 

We will also advise on the best exercise or classes for your body through your pregnancy to maintain your strength. Exercise through pregnancy is not only safe for baby but recommended for both yours & your babies whole body health. This appointment also includes a free 1 month access to our online Pregnancy Pilates Method for you to follow at home. You will be given a promotional code after your session to start your rehab journey straight away


We specialise in helping you to heal & rebuild after pregnancy & birth. The journey starts here. We believe every woman should be offered a POST NATAL MOT after pregnancy & birth to ensure your complete recovery & return to full strength. Whether you are are experiencing pain or dysfunction with your pelvic floor, are dealing with a birth scar or tummy muscle separation (diastasis recti abdominis) or just wanting to ensure your safe return to exercise & real life; we will support you through.

We will assess & treat childbirth related injuries, tummy muscle separation, C-section & perineal scars, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse & pelvic pain. Your POST NATAL MOT is a holistic approach to your skeleton & the muscles it houses both inside & out. We will provide the treatment, tools & rehabilitative exercises essential for your optimal recovery.

Our team are trained to teach you birth scar massage, progressive pelvic floor exercises & Pilates based abdominal strengthening. We may use our real-time ultrasound machine to ensure your core muscles are sequencing correctly & to assess & measure for diastasis recti abdominis. Megan & her team are also able to recommend & fit pessaries for support & treatment of pelvic organ prolapse that affects many women following pregnancy & birth. 

We will also advise you on the best exercise & classes to enhance your recovery & safely return to the things you enjoy.



First Womens Health Physiotherapy Consultation – 60mins – £160

Ante-Natal MOT – 60mins – £160

Post-Natal MOT – 60mins – £160

Womens Health Physiotherapy Review – 60mins – £150

Womens Health Physiotherapy Review – 30mins – £85



We are recognised by most insurance providers. Please check with your provider before booking that they will reimburse our fees. We will of course provide a receipt for their reference. 

We are able to invoice BUPA directly. For this you must have a valid authorisation code along with your membership number & number of sessions that BUPA have authorised prior to your first consultation. BUPA Four Sides London provider number is: 80013439