Each a specialist in their field, our team are experienced, fun and focussed on you



Pilates guru and innovator, fitness addict, wellness devotee, always smiling

Claire's passion is precision of movement. Her individual approach creates sessions that are progressive and challenging, ensuring her clients achieve their goals and have fun whilst doing it.  Experienced in acupuncture and manual therapy, Claire can assess and rehabilitate all types of injury. 

After working and training at one of the worlds leading Pilates institutions, Claire combined her experience as a physiotherapist and passion for Pilates establishing Respect Physiotherapy and Pilates in 2012.

Claire’s unique rehabilitative skills and attention to detail quickly developed a loyal client base in South West London and built her an excellent reputation in the community and with leading consultants.  Alongside her own business, Claire has helped establish Pilates services at a top city personal training gym and a leading South West London clinic.  

Claire is now realising her dream.  Teaming up with Megan, creating their own space and methodology, and launching Four Sides London.


"Health, fitness and wellness are essential elements of my life and my approach to Physio. I believe that the freedom of movement and maintaining strength is key to creating balance in the body. My goal is to encourage my clients to invest in restoring their muscle balance and control to MOVE, FEEL, LIVE STRONGER"



Ante/post-natal rehab crusader, pelvic floor enthusiast, mum, lover of life

Megan is passionate about delivering excellent physiotherapy. She understands what it takes to restore movement and strength and delivers progressive rehabilitation programs that are inspiring.

Megan is a specialist in all things spinal and pelvic; from acute disc injuries and post-operative spinal surgery, through to pregnancy related pelvic pain. Megan has extensive experience in hands on treatment, acupuncture/dry needling and exercise to treat pain, restore function and rehabilitate.

Megan has more than 7 years' experience working at one of the world's leading Pilates institutions. Her Pilates sessions and group classes are unique, challenging, precise, strong and dynamic - you’ll never get the same class twice!

As a result of her passion for pre and post-natal health and fitness, along with her clinical expertise in pelvic floor treatment, Megan is highly regarded in the womens health industry.


“For me physiotherapy is not just about relieving symptoms but understanding why they occur in the first place. Investigating, exploring and analysing movement and strength to optimise recovery is the best part of my job. Creating strength and efficient movement to resolve problems for good!”



Rehabilitation and exercise consultant and pioneer, Dad of two girls, Ironman, a lost skier and surfer in London

James is a highly regarded lower limb physiotherapist with over 15 years' experience in exercise prescription. He specialises in lower limb and lumbar-pelvic biomechanics. James has been a reference for BBC 5 Live, Sky Sports, The Telegraph and Runners World.

Sport is a huge part of James's life. He has competed to a high level and worked in elite winter sports, rugby, triathlon and football. James is able to adapt elite sport principles to the weekend warrior and recreational athlete.

James is highly skilled in musculoskeletal assessments. He is able to understand the type of pain and the source of the problem. He can provide an insight to why the problem has occurred. This delivers specific treatment that is personal and effective.


"Being fit for life is such an important thing. I believe everyone can enhance this and experience more of what life has to offer. Seeing my patients improve is definitely the best part of my job. Live stronger!"



Innovator in strength & rehabilitation, sports enthusiast, master of manual therapy, world traveller

Elena's passion is the combination of physiotherapy and sports science to deliver innovative pilates and strength and conditioning programs.  With a MSc in manual therapy, and post-grad certificates in dry needling, her tool box is packed full of treatment options to restore pain free movement, function and strength. 

She has worked with athletes at all levels, from developmental to professional, across a wide range of sports and has a huge amount of experience developing strength and conditioning programs for children's and youth sports teams.

Originally from Tenerife  Elena's love for travel has taken her from Madrid to San Francisco and now we are happy to have her in London!

Kasey 2


Connoisseur of fine movement, Pilates educator, promotor of Womens Health and well being, former dancer

Kasey is passionate about creating, observing and remedying movement and control. Starting from her 20 years of dance experience, to her education in physiotherapy to her current love of yoga therapy, movement has always been a major part of Kaseys life.

Kasey is a specialist in correcting spinal, hip and pelvic pain. She has extensive manual therapy and prescriptive rehabilitation experience. With expert training in pelvic floor rehabilitation, Kasey is experienced in ante and post natal physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

An expert in prescriptive Pilates Kasey tailor makes sessions to be individualised, creative, effective and fun!
"For me, successfully treating a patient isn't just resolving their pain but instilling them in confidence, independence and knowledge of their body. With this they can prevent pain from returning and have the skills to address the problem if it does. I strive for my patients to leave with a greater understanding of how their body works and how they can optimise their function."


Restorer of movement, olympic lifter, fitness addict, Pilates enthusiast

Laura is a highly experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist and Pilates teacher and started her journey with movement and exercise from a young age. Her passion lies in injury prevention and sports rehabilitation and she particularly enjoys treating runners, skiers and CrossFit athletes. Laura uses a combination of manual therapy, taping techniques, mindfulness and exercise rehabilitation to treat her patients.

In her youth Laura competed at county and regional level in hockey, netball and athletics and also trained as a high trapeze artist.  More recently, Laura has taken up weight lifting and fallen in love with CrossFit and olympic lifting. Laura’s other passion is skiing and spent a season working in Morzine treating skiers and snowboarders. 

Laura likes to incorporate all aspects of wellbeing into the care of her patients. She encourages the use of meditation and mindfulness as part of her holistic approach to helping her patients reach their goals. Laura also has a keen interest in nutrition and has completed her Diploma in Sports Nutrition and Nutrition and Weight Management.


“I believe that restoration of normal movement and function is key to preventing injury and recurrence of pain. I empower patients with the tools and knowledge that they need to achieve their goals. I enjoy helping people to get the maximum out of their body and realise it’s true potential”