Physiotherapists – experts in movement & strength.

Each a specialist in their field. Our team are experienced, fun & focussed on you.


Megan is passionate about delivering excellent physiotherapy. She understands what it takes to restore movement & strength. Megan delivers progressive rehabilitation programs that are inspiring.

Megan is a specialist in all things spinal & pelvic; from acute disc injuries & post-operative spinal surgery, through to pregnancy related pelvic pain. Megan has extensive experience in hands on treatment, acupuncture/dry needling & exercise to treat pain, restore function & rehabilitate.

As a result of her passion for pre & post-natal health & fitness, along with her clinical expertise in pelvic floor treatment, Megan is highly regarded in the women’s health industry. 

“For me physiotherapy is not just about relieving symptoms but understanding why they occur in the first place. Investigating, exploring & analysing movement & strength is the first step in helping people move & feel stronger. It’s a formulae that works & why I love my job!”

Megan is super proud to be the author of “Stronger – The Honest Guide to Healing & Rebuilding After Pregnancy & Birth”, available at amazon & your local bookshop. 

“Stronger is all about empowering mothers to reach their goals. This is for all mothers, no matter how long ‘post-partum’. This information & care is out there on the shelves of our high street shops & direct to you when you need it..” Megs x


“I really enjoyed our session (well maybe I didn’t enjoy the internal bit, but I did find it super reassuring!). I left feeling super optimistic that I met the best person possible, to help me get back to where I want to be. You are helping me get “me” back.” Amelia

You always made me feel amazing after every session with you, after all of my babies. Super fun & lighthearted but with SO much knowledge.” Philly 


Specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist with over 15 years experience in elite sport. An established Harley Street practitioner with links to the very best medicine London has to offer.

James has an MSc in Sports Physiotherapy & works as a consultant to elite track and field, triathlon, tennis & winter sports. James has a specialist interest in the developing athlete, focusing on appropriate strength & conditioning & biomechanics to optimise performance & injury prevention.

James has seen an extremely high volume of complex patients, ranging from the elite performer to the weekend warrior & to those just getting started. The same focus is given to all. James believes that understanding the cause of the issue is the lasting solution. This is made possible through a detailed understanding of biomechanics & movement dysfunction.

Being fit for life is such an important thing, especially when life is such a balance. I believe everyone can focus on this to experience more. Seeing my patients out of pain & getting fit for life is definitely the best part of my job. Live stronger!


“Skiing this week has been brilliant. I’ve skied 5 days & 4 were in a row. Not full days but a good 4 hours a day, which is a massive improvement to 2 years ago. Thank you for all of your support, exercises & hip flexor releases” Emma
“When we refer to James Vickers we get a totally different level of service – he emails with a summary & diagnosis before we have even returned to the gym & he manages the patient explaining verbally & via a speedy follow up email when he wants to see them again & how he is going to move things forward. He is thorough & consistent & all of our clients rave about their treatment.” Matt, Personal Trainer


After completing 8 years of training at The Royal Ballet School & dancing professionally; Aimee turned her attention to physical health & wellbeing. Aimee trained & specialised as a physiotherapist.

In particular, Aimee enjoys treating hips, knees & feet. Providing rehabilitation after surgery or conservative management. Aimee assesses the body as a whole functional & connected unit. Using Pilates & tailor made strength & conditioning programmes Aimee is accustomed to prescribing these tools & treatment options in her rehabilitation.

Aimee continues to enjoy dance, running & yoga. Aimee is passionate about assisting others to return to their activities of choice.

“Assisting my clients through a positive rehabilitation journey is highly rewarding for me as a Physiotherapist. I am passionate about educating each individual to understand their bodies & feel empowered to optimise their recovery long term. My goals are always in line with your goals, we’re in this together!” 


My ballet dancing son came to Aimee with a growth related injury & she has given him outstanding care & rehabilitation. Thanks to her experienced hands & first class training in ballet he’s back dancing & is more confident in injury prevention” Nicole 

“After a shocking diagnosis Aimee has been an instrumental part of my recovery journey. With her background in dance she has devised a holistic exercise plan to get me back on my feet (literally & figuratively), which focuses on all aspects of my musculoskeletal health to help me regain my strength & minimise the chances of re-injury. She’s been a life-saver in a hugely difficult time.” Loy


Originally from Perth & based in London since 2014 Brittany has enjoyed working with internationally recognised Opera & Contemporary music artists, ballet dancers & within West End productions. Brittany was the lead Physio for Kinky Boots & the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Before her move to London Brittany spent several years working with semi-elite athletes in Australia including the West Australian Football League, West Australian Women’s Indoor Netball team, the Australian Indigenous Girls Netball team.

Brittanys experiences across these sectors have made her a competent & highly skilled therapist. With qualifications in Dry Needling, Medical Acupuncture & APPI Pilates she has a whole host of tools in her treatment & rehabilitation tool box.

A specialist in treating the jaw & neck, Brittany is also an expert in vocal physiotherapy, also called laryngeal physiotherapy which is essential for musicians & performers alike. 

“My passion for treating performers stems from my own involvement in dance. Having rehabilitated myself to be able to compete internationally has shaped me into the physio I am now; empathetic & motivational”


“I always feel I’m getting the best care from a truly knowledgeable professional who always has an air of empathy with a true love for her work. I can honestly say that working with Brittany was the magic ingredient that helped me deliver my 2022 tour.” Heather

Brittany  was  invaluable  to  me  throughout  my  dance  training & through a really difficult time in my life when I both lost a loved one & injured my ankle. She supported me through injury, through performing, & through life in general. Her expertise both from an MSK perspective & her knowledge of the larynx & voice anatomy made her the perfect physio. I can’t thank you enough Brittany!” Elle 


Caitlin is Musculoskeletal physiotherapist with a background in professional sport. She has represented Great Britain in triathlon & competed as a long distance runner,

Caitlin has worked with some of the best sport’s medical professionals in the field across the world. She has also led fitness camps & retreats in Kenya, Mallorca, New York & London with a focus on health, wellbeing & performance. 

Caitlin’s voice within the health & fitness industry has been heard in Women’s Fitness Magazine, Cycling Weekly & Athletics Weekly where she continues to raise awareness of the importance of athlete wellbeing & active lifestyle in the UK and abroad. 

Caitlin has an MSc in physiotherapy with a specific interest in overuse injuries & athlete wellbeing. Caitlin’s style is to solve the problem by getting to the root cause & then working with an individual in a fun, friendly & focused environment to tackle it head on. 

” Now that I’m on the other side of treatment table I’m determined to support as many likeminded individuals to move, feel & perform at their best. I love working with both the elite athlete & the 5k first timer to achieve the best results.”


” I have followed Caitlin around the globe attending her events, classes & treatment, that says it all. She listens, delivers & makes you laugh every time.” TT

“Expert in the field”  –  Women’s Fitness Magazine


Jessica is a women’s health physiotherapist who loves all things women’s health. Her 20+ year career started in musculoskeletal physiotherapy & over this period of time Jessica became increasingly aware of the impact a poorly functioning pelvic floor can have on musculoskeletal conditions as well as women’s daily lives.

Having completed specialist training in women’s health , Jessica decided to focus on this area in her practice & has not looked back!

Jessica is able to help women with pelvic health problems including urinary & faecal incontinence, overactive bladder, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain before & after child birth, pain during intercourse.

Jessica offers ante- & post-natal MOT & provides rehab & guidance on return to sport after childbirth, as well as seeing women who are experiencing women’s health problems during per & post menopause. Jessica works with a holistic restorative approach ensuring her patients goals are at the forefront of her treatment.

“I am passionate about educating & empowering women to understand their pelvic health, address any problems & enable them to return to full health & happiness”


“Thank you for taking the time to see me. I really feel like you are taking my complete gynae health history onboard to get to the root of the issues and are improving things. Such a relief for me, thank you for continued time & expertise” Helen
“It was fantastic seeing yu today, thank you for your amazing & insightful help & explanation. It has been an eye opener & wonderful to be more educated on it all. Also, having a result is just amazing!” Sarah


Originally from Sicily Federica trained as a Physiotherapist at the University of Palermo. Since moving to the UK she has worked both within the NHS & in private Physiotherapy & Pilates studios. 

Federica has experience in a range of physiotherapy disciplines from neuro rehab to womens health & everything in between! Her hands on toolbox includes sports massage & manipulation & her rehabilitation repertoire is equally expansive.

Federica has both classical & rehabilitative Pilates training with BodyControl & APPI teaching schools. She enjoys blending her manual & exercise skills to treat acute, chronic, sports related & post operative conditions. 

Federica is also a qualified womens health physiotherapist and an expert in ante & post natal Pilates. She is skilled in supporting women through pregnancy & post-natally, treating & empowering them to feel stronger.

I’m your guide. I make the physiotherapy treatment an active process, in which my patients learn to feel & challenge their bodies to get to their full potential. 

It’s amazing how each body reacts & how little changes can make a huge difference in your quality of life. Let’s get to work then, from symptoms to cause, I am ready for the next challenge!


” Highly recommend Federica, she is easily the best therapist I’ve ever seen. I was struggling with my upper back & had spent thousands over the last 6 years on different physiotherapist & chiropractors & it all fixed nothing. Seeing Federica & later joining her class, she’s taught me how to fix my issues & showed me what rehab works for in-between sessions.  I also had tennis & golfers elbow; my elbow is now sorted – thank you Feder” Alvin
“I do Federica’s Friday pilates class, I just wanted to tell you how amazing she is. She is working us hard, is consistent & methodical in her approach & teaching. My muscle ache the next day – what I want, otherwise what’s the point. I feel motivated to improve!” Rebecca


Originally from Melbourne Rachael brings to Four Sides extensive experience in rehabilitation through strength, movement & Pilates. Having qualified as a physiotherapist she gained several years experience in Australia at a space that mirrors Four Sides values. Her role blended musculoskeletal physiotherapy & Pilates to not only treat pain & dysfunction, but to improve movement & strength for the long-term. Rachael’s approach is all about positive change for improved health, empowering you to MOVE, FEEL, LIVE STRONGER.

Before qualifying as a physiotherapist Racheal gained a solid grounding in anatomy & physiology her Health Science degree, and her post-graduate qualifications include dry needling & sports performance as well as both mat & reformer Pilates. So she is well equipped in treating all musculoskeletal injuries & rehabilitating you back to full strength. 

With a background in sport herself, Rachael has a solid understanding of performance physiotherapy & supporting you to reach your goals, however big or small. Rachael was a sports aerobic world champion for several years before moving into coaching of younger athletes. Her Pilates & S&C classes at Four Sides are enhanced by these experiences& expertise.

“For me being a physiotherapist is about connecting with people. Through education & movement I enjoy giving patients the tools to make life-long positive changes. My goal is to improve not only your pain but to encourage you to take control of your whole body health.”


” …. “


Serena is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist with over 6 years clinical practice in the NHS. She has experience in running specialist back pain services, fracture clinics & post operative rehabilitation reviews.

Serena is used to a varied caseload & confident in the assessment & treatment of everyone from the elite athlete to those just starting their exercise journey. With a post-graduate qualification in Neuro-musculoskeletal Triage, Serena is proficient in her diagnosis & treatment of acute injuries. Combined with her clinical experience & client-centred approach Serena can provide sound advice & management from your first visit, through to you reaching your goals. 

Serena is passionate about tailoring treatment & rehabilitation to you. Educating on movement & dysfunction to empower not only recovery but injury prevention & maintaining health & wellbeing.

As well as being a physical therapist Serena enjoys sports of all kinds, from netball to hockey, tennis & more recently road cycling.

“Physiotherapy is something I feel very passionate about. Being able to help patients who are in pain is extremely rewarding & especially when they are back doing what they love.

I believe in helping patients understanding why they are having their symptoms. This will always help prevent symptoms coming back in the future. It’s a journey which I love supporting patients with”


Emma Tonkin
Emma Tonkin
My surgeon referred me to FourSides for physio following surgery for a broken ankle. James has been extremely thorough, liaising with my surgeon at each stage of my recovery and providing me with very clear instructions for my exercises and a successful pathway back to running and hockey within four months. James provided very useful follow up emails and videos.
Leah Davis
Leah Davis
I’ve been a regular at Four Sides since it opened and I can honestly say it’s changed the way I exercise all for the better. Amazing trainers who really understand your body and fun but challenging classes – win win!
Oliver Dick
Oliver Dick
James is a brilliant specialist physio, and has provided me practical and targeted rehab and a plan to get back to doing the sports I love doing. First class.
Jenni Ogden
Jenni Ogden
I saw Megan pre and post baby and she was amazing!! She helped me navigate and recover from a number complications following a difficult birth. She is very knowledgeable, easy to talk to and puts you at ease immediately. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.
A Frank
A Frank
I could not rate Megan Vickers more highly. If there was a 6th star, it would absolutely be deserved. I just wish I’d known about Megan’s existence after my first baby. Megan put me at ease instantly and was always calm, kind, professional and most importantly, she knows her stuff! She has guided me through the perils of a postpartum body, taught me how to engage muscles I thought I’d lost and given me back my core strength. She truly is an expert in the field of women’s health. We need more Megans!
Emina Rye-Florentz
Emina Rye-Florentz
FourSides is an amazing place, and teachers/physios are fantastic!
Rebecca Critchley
Rebecca Critchley
I have been visiting Four Sides since it opened and thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is looking for Pilates and S&C classes led by professionals who totally understand the body and your body. Meg, James and the wider team are all trained physios and also motivating and fun to be around. They of course offer physio too and on occasion I’ve used this service too and managed to rehabilitate any injuries or issues I have had. Can’t recommend them more!
Harriet King
Harriet King
Megan and team are absolutely fantastic. Megan has been endlessly supportive after I had a very difficult birth. She goes the extra mile for her clients always- where my needs have been outside of her skill set she has helped get me to the right person and I trust her absolutely. I would recommend Four Sides and Meg to any women wanting to get a bit of help whilst pregnant but know that if you are struggling post partum you will be in safe hands. The recommendation that I got that send me to Megan and her team was the best thing I got in pregnancy.
Sirish Patel
Sirish Patel
I thoroughly recommend Aimee and the Four Sides team. I developed a tennis injury that made opening doors a painful experience. Aimee developed a series of exercises strengthening the muscles around the injury and once these were activated, we moved onto strengthening and stabilising the problem area. Being from a sporting background, Aimee was the perfect physio for the job! I’m back to playing tennis again regularly without issue… Aimee is amazing!
Ruth Holmes
Ruth Holmes
I’ve now been to two Retreats at Four Sides and hope to do more! I left each session feeling reinvigorated – Megan’s exercise classes were challenging yet fun; she is clearly incredibly knowledgeable yet also reassuring and enthusiastic. I really enjoyed the nutrition workshops – learnt loads and felt motivated to try new things at home (and made some yummy energy balls!). A perfect way to spend the morning with like minded women.