Pregnancy Pilates Method

Four Sides Pregnancy Pilates Method

Our Pregnancy Pilates program is designed to strengthen & mobilise your body whilst adapting to its changing needs through each trimester of your pregnancy. Written & taught by Megan, Physio, Pilates Instructor & author of “Stronger, an honest guide to healing & rebuilding after pregnancy and birth”. You’re in safe, expert hands.

In each trimester you will have 4 videos to select from that suit what your body needs over these weeks. As your body changes & your baby grows, move through the trimester programmes to keep on track with your strength & mobility that is attuned to your changing needs.

Click on trimester 1, 2 or 3 below to access the video workouts that suit your stage of pregnancy. Or follow through your entire pregnancy journey with 12 months access.

In this series I am joined by friend, reflexologist & Founder of Post-Partum Plan – Meg Murray Jones. It felt right to come together on this project as both of our business’s are built on our dedication to supporting mothers. We share the passion of empowering women to thrive, feel strong & build the emotional & physical foundations to last a lifetime of parenthood.

Meg joins me in her third pregnancy to share with you the program that she has followed throughout to maintain her strength. 

Read more about post-partum plan here.

TRIMESTER 1: set the foundations & activate your core

Trimester 1

We focus on the Pilates principles. Whether you are new to Pilates or a seasoned pro, workouts now can feel very different to before & we want to ensure you start off in the best way. 

This series of exercises will teach you pelvic stability & strength. Working to gain & maintain good posture, strength & flexibility.

Whilst you may not be feeling your best at this time, exercise is recommended to maintain a happy & healthy body & mind. Pilates is the perfect way to maintain your fitness & cope with all of the systemic changes you may be feeling including nausea, fatigue & shortness of breath.

You can safely start this program if you are preparing for a pregnancy or if you’re already a regular exerciser. Otherwise hold off until your second trimester to start an exercise program – RCOG.

Kit you will need:

Soft pilates ball
Resistance band & mini loop
Cushion to support your head

Trimester 2: consolidate your strength & maintain your posture with your growing bump

Trimester 2

This trimester is all about maintaining your strength, balance & mobility as we start to see your body change & your baby grow. 

From now we move you out of lying into more functional positions that suit you & your body better.

The second trimester is often when mothers start to experience back & pelvic pain. So as well as working on strength we will address this with physiotherapy techniques to prevent & alleviate discomfort.

As your baby bumps grows we will work on spinal alignment & posture to support our changing body.

Kit you will need:

Soft pilates ball
Resistance band & mini loop
Cushion to support your head

Trimester 3: maintain strength & to prepare for labour & your post-natal recovery

Trimester 3

Join us as we consolidate your Pilates moves & keep you feeling strong & flexible right up until the day you meet your baby. 

Exercise through pregnancy is not only safe but recommended to keep you healthy in body & mind. Also you can pass on the benefits to your babies in utero! 

Pilates is a great form of exercise to keep up with throughout all three trimesters as it focuses on your foundations. The strength in the centre of your body. This is the part of the body that is challenged the most by pregnancy & birth 

Kit you will need:

Soft pilates ball
Resistance band & mini loop
Small Cushion to support your bump & one for your head!

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