“The videos are a great way to keep strong in pregnancy at a convenient time to you – brilliant for fitting around family life. The videos make you work hard, unlike some other pregnancy resources”  Laura

In each trimester you will have 4 videos to select from that suit what your body needs over these weeks. As your body changes and your baby grows, move through the trimester programmes to keep on track with your strength and mobility that is attuned to your changing needs.

In Trimester ONE we focus on the Pilates principles. Whether you are new to Pilates or a seasoned pro, workouts now can feel very different to before and we want to ensure you start off in the best way. You can safely start this program if you are preparing for a pregnancy or if you’re already a regular exerciser (otherwise just hold on until your second Trimester to start an exercise program, RCOG).

Trimester TWO is all about maintain your strength, flexibility, balance and mobility as we start to see your body change and your baby grow. From now we move you out of lying into more functional positions that suit you and your body better. The second trimester is often when mothers start to experience back and pelvic pain. So as well as working on strength we will address this with physiotherapy techniques to prevent and alleviate discomfort.

Join us in Trimester THREE where we consolidate on all your Pilates moves, keep you feeling strong and flexible right up until the day you meet your baby. Exercise through pregnancy is not only safe but recommended to keep you healthy in body and mind and we also pass all the benefits onto our babies in utero! Pilates is a great form of exercise to keep up with throughout all three trimesters as it focus’s on your foundation strength, the centre of your body – the bit that’s challenged the most by pregnancy and birth!

In each Trimester you have FOUR videos to choose from, alternate between and master:
FOUNDATIONS – The key principles, take home moves and techniques to master in each trimester. All the descriptions, adjustments and watch points we need when we are starting out.
THE CORE – A compilation of all the best Pilates exercises four your body at this time, put together in a flowing sequence. If you only manage one class a week, this is the one!
POWER SETS – Pilates exercises that burn! Short and sweet sets to build strength in the upper and lower body, alongside your core, without lifting heavy weights.
TO TREAT – A combination of Pilates and Physiotherapy exercises to prevent and treat niggles that arise in each trimester. This is also great if you have a history of pain or injury, you can still reap the benefits of Pregnancy Pilates and continue to exercise safely.