Pregnancy Pilates Method Full – 12 Month Access

Pregnancy Pilates Method Full - 12 Month Access


A series of 9 videos designed to support you throughout your pregnancy as Claire, co-founder of Four Sides London, journeys through hers. We work on strength, pelvic stability, posture, mobility and flexibility – with every video tailored to what is happening within your body that month.

“The videos are a great way to keep strong in pregnancy at a convenient time to you – brilliant for fitting around family life. The videos make you work hard, unlike some other pregnancy resources”  Laura

In Trimester 1 we focus on maintaining strength with familiar sequences and perhaps improving strength by challenging endurance. We will set the foundations for the months to come, creating a strong body to support your growing baby. Whilst you may not be feeling your best at this time, exercise is hugely recommended to maintain a happy and healthy body and mind. Pilates is the perfect way to maintain your fitness and cope with all of the systemic changes you may be feeling including nausea, fatigue and shortness of breath. Month 3 also includes relaxation and breathing techniques to help us through these tougher days and calm our minds.

In Trimester 2 we will work more on strength with resistance band workouts targeting the whole body. Each month we will focus on pelvic ring closure with exercises to build strength in the pelvic floor, low back, low tummy, adductors, glutes and hamstrings. Strengthening these key muscle groups reduces the chances of pelvic girdle pain as we compensate for the hormonal effects. Month 5 is peak onset of pelvic girdle pain month, so this month is all about prevention and treatment if you are suffering from this. As our baby bumps grows we will work on spinal alignment and posture to support our changing body. Our relaxation this month is a mindfulness technique to keep us present when the future is so exciting, unknown and at times overwhelming.

In Trimester 3 we use a combination of resistance and mobility exercises to maintain strength, flexibility, mobility and reduce swelling. We include both higher energy sequences to maintain cardiovascular fitness and relaxation techniques to prepare for birth.
This trimester we utilise the best positions for pelvic ring stability and strength as you can no longer lie on your back. In our relaxation this trimester we include techniques that can be used in preparation for and during the the big event, to help us keep calm and focused.
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