In Trimester ONE we focus on the Pilates principles. Whether you are new to Pilates or a seasoned pro, workouts now can feel very different to before and we want to ensure you start off in the best way.

This series of exercises will teach you pelvic stability, control and strength. Working to gain and maintain great posture, strength and flexibility.

Whilst you may not be feeling your best at this time, exercise is hugely recommended to maintain a happy and healthy body and mind. Pilates is the perfect way to maintain your fitness and cope with all of the systemic changes you may be feeling including nausea, fatigue and shortness of breath.

You can safely start this program if you are preparing for a pregnancy or if you’re already a regular exerciser (otherwise just hold on until your second Trimester to start an exercise program, RCOG).

Kit you will need:

Soft pilates ball
Resistance band and/or mini loop
Cushion to support your head

Trimester 1


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