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An afternoon of workshops to support you in a whole body re-set. Feel stronger, energised & empowered.

Saturday 24th June 2-5pm

Four Sides London
£90 per person, maximum 8 guests

Hosted with:

Agora London: Founded by Emma Watkins a yoga teacher, lover of nature and the outdoors. She pursues deep and extensive learning in the fields of mental and physical health, acknowledging that success in life goes hand in hand with achieving self mastery.

Emma completed her 200 hr vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2014, a specialised trauma training in the US in 2015 , a yin training in 2020, and a pre and post natal and breathwork training in 2021. She has also worked extensively with adaptive yoga, learning about the benefits of yoga for those with disability.

She founded Agora in 2018, a consultancy with wellbeing and community at its heart and splits her time between yoga teaching, working with investment opportunities in the med and bio tech spaces, and advising businesses and individuals on how to build resilience, and their own wobble toolkits to help them navigate a long term sustainable path to success.


2 – 2.15pm: welcome + tea

2.15pm: Mat Pilates class with Megan

Pilates is renowned for it’s benefits in not only movement restoration but connecting body and mind. We will re-visit the priniciples of centring, control and breath synchronisation before building up to a strong sequence of exercises. We will challenge the body with resistance and endurance and strengthen from the foundations up. 

3pm: Hormone workshop with Gaby

Women’s health is in desperate need of a change that can only start with getting to know our bodies better. Join Gaby for a masterclass on how to harness the power of our unique biochemistry and hormones for optimal physical and mental performance, energy and vitality using nutrition and lifestyle practices.

4pm: Yoga + breathwork with Emma

This workshop will focus on re-balancing the systems of the body through gentle movement and breath practice. Day to day, we can find ourselves in a state of survival, and often don’t give our bodies and minds the chance to recover. Through yoga and our breath, we can begin to train both to know how to recover from stress more easily and build resilience so that we can manage our day to day better, and feel more confident and happy knowing we are strong from the inside out.

4.45pm: Closing circle

& goodie bag & Refreshments throughout your afternoon 



Guest workshop with:

Gaby Cabrera-Kimchi ; A functional medicine women’s health coach, holistic health advocate and educator, founder of Wellness with Gaby and the creator of the Optimal Living Method.
Having suffered and recovered from chronic stress and adrenal dysfunction, she is on a mission to revolutionise women’s health by empowering women to understand their bodies and harness their hormones, at any stage of life, using functional medicine.

Wellness with Gaby combines cutting-edge functional medical science with bio-individual health coaching to help clients unearth the root causes that are creating imbalances in their unique female biochemistry, instead of simply band-aiding and putting up with symptoms, so they can take action and finally enjoy sustained, radiant health.


Join Aimee Higgs; Physiotherapist, dance specialist & ex-ballerina for an afternoon dedicated to sharing knowledge & evidence
to prevent injury & improve performance in dancers
(For ages 11-16, parents welcome to attend presentation)

Saturday 17th June 12.30-2.30pm

Four Sides London
£45 per person, maximum 8 guests


12.30-1.45 Exercise class for dancers’ – Incorporating strength and Pilates

for injury prevention including:

-Ankle strength & stability.

-Flexibility & strength for extensions.

-Hip mobility and strength for turnout.


1.45pm-2.30pm Presentation + Q&A – An intro to dance physiotherapy:

-Learn about common dance injuries.

-Understand how to prevent injuries.
-Evidence on dancers’ strength training outcomes.
-Protecting the well-being of a dancer.



An afternoon of workshops to support you in a whole body re-set. Feel stronger, energised & empowered.

Saturday 24th June 2-5pm

Four Sides London
£90 per person, maximum 8 guests

Four Sides Croatia Retreat – May 25th-29th 2023

Bookings for Four Sides Retreats on the Island of Brac in May 2023 are now open!

This indulgent retreat designed to restore smiles & strength in equal measures. Immerse yourself in what the beautiful island of Brač has to offer with James & Megan.

Exercise & relax in the natural beauty. We will Swim, paddle & Pilates in the bay. Guide you on hikes & runs along the coastal trails, through pine forests to hidden gems. 

Each day we will balance exertion & recovery, adventure & unwinding, energy & rest. With up to 16 guests across 2 semi-connected villas we have 2 private pools, 8 en-suite rooms, some dreamy terraces & plenty of breathtaking views to enjoy together. 

Your days will start with open water swims or Pilates on the terrace with views that stretch out over the bay. Top the day off with strength sessions by the pool or empowering runs, leaving you ready for the evening BBQ & chilled drinks.