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Four Sides Croatia Retreats

May 25th-29th 2023

Bookings for Four Sides Retreats on the Island of Brac in May 2023 are now open!

This indulgent retreat designed to restore smiles & strength in equal measures. Immerse yourself in what the beautiful island of Brač has to offer with James & Megan.

 Exercise & relax in the natural beauty. We will Swim, paddle and Pilates in the bay and guide you on hikes & runs along the coastal trails, through pine forests to hidden gems. 

Each day we will balance exertion & recovery, adventure & unwinding, energy & rest. With up to 16 guests across 2 semi-connected villas we have 2 private pools, 8 en-suite rooms, some dreamy terraces & plenty of breathtaking views to enjoy together. 

 Your days will start with open water swims or Pilates on the terrace with views that stretch out over the bay. Top the day off with strength sessions by the pool or empowering runs, leaving you ready for the evening BBQ & chilled drinks. 



Mini- Retreats at Four Sides London

These mini-retreats are designed to give you a morning "off"; time to yourself to exercise and nourish your body. 

Each of the mornings we will welcome a guest to host a workshop, and everyone will receive a goodie bag of "self care" products to take the feeling home with you. More information and booking below.

Growing Stronger
Dates TBC
Four Sides London

This morning is all about empowering you to feel stronger. We will share tools, nutritional advice and exercise to build your strength, re-energise and nourish your body.

£75 per person, per retreat. Limited to a maximum of 8 guests.

9:00am Small equipment based pilates class to activate and awaken our muscles – with Megan

9:45/10.30 am 4:1 Reformer Pilates class that is focused on building strength and control – with Megan

9:45/10.30 am 4:1 Nutritious snack workshop. Learn what fuels us and make your own energising plant based snacks – with Mahtab

11:15 am Strength and conditioning circuit – whether this is your first time or 100th time lifting weights, growing stronger is about form, load and repetition! – with Megan

Guest workshop: Dr Mahtab Chenevox-Trench, Nutritionist, scientist and

“My name is Dr Mahtab Chenevix-Trench and I’m a scientist, nutritional specialist and mother of a lively little boy! I believe that effective postnatal recovery is multi faceted and involves a mixture of restorative exercise, nutrition and patience. Having gone through the process and worked with many mums, I will be giving a practical approach to postnatal (no matter how far down the line, for aren’t we forever post-natal?) nutrition. My hands-on workshop will walk you through some easy to make healthy snacks, to fuel you and your family. All the ingredients chosen have been selected for vitamins and minerals that will help in recovery and re-energising. There will also be plenty of time to answer any questions that you might have as I share with you my tips and nutritional ‘golden nuggets’.”

Self care Sunday

Dates TBC
Four Sides London

Megan and Meg are excited to come together to share both reflexology treatment and movement that feels good. Both Megs know and have felt the benefits of Reflexology to de-stress and re-connect with your body and what better than combine this with movement that helps you feel strong.

£75 per person, per retreat. Limited to a maximum of 8 guests.

9:00 am Mat based Pilates class to activate and strengthen every muscle – with Megan

9:45/10.30 am 4:1 Reflexology workshop. Learn techniques to self release and de-stress – with Meg Murray Jones

9:45/10.30 am 4:1 Reformer pilates class that is strength focused – with Megan 

11.15am Small equipment pilates to target whole body stretch and release – with Megan

Guest workshop: Meg Murray Jones, reflexologist, female health advocate and founder of

“Reflexology has always been part of my life. My Great Aunt and mother were both reflexologists and this inspired me to provide the same healing treatments to others. I’m is passionate about looking at the person – not just the feet – to gain a better understanding of the body. 70% of physical issues are created by stress so I enjoy teaching women how to understand their bodies better. Through my reflexology practice I have helped women through stress, trauma and imbalance. But she found the time when women needed support the most was postpartum; yet this was the time that clients stopped having treatments because all their energy and love went to their baby.”