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Bookings for our Croatia Retreats in May 2023 are now open!

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Book an Intro session with one of our physios to start enjoying our classes and full timetable. 

In your first session we will complete a full body assessment to work out out the best approach for you and so that you get the most from every session with us and meet your goals.


Moving well is an essential part of our health and well being. Having this freedom to perform at your work, enjoy your family and play with style is what the team at Four Sides London deliver. For us physiotherapy is more than relieving pain. We believe in promoting pain-free strength and flexibility to enhance your body and mind.

Four Sides London has grown from Megan and James’s expertise. They have extensive knowledge in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, women’s health, pilates and strength training. With over 15 years of clinical practice,  experience in elite sport, the NHS and abroad. With an exceptional team around them; Megan and James are proud of what Four Sides London offers you, your family and our community – both in London and beyond.



At Four Sides London we host 4:1 Reformer Pilates and Strength and Conditioning classes for all levels, 

Our timetable includes:

 Reformer FLOW 

Reformer HIGH

Reformer ORIGINAL 

S & C for ALL 

S & C for MUMS  

All of our classes are taught by physiotherapists – experts in movement and strength.

To join a class first complete a Four Sides Intro – a session all about you, for us to know your body, your goals and give you the best experience.
Please note all our bookings are taken online.


At Four Sides health and wellness extends far beyond a physio session or just one class. We live and breathe movement and strength and we know that you enjoy it too. So we have assembled mini retreat days and full blown retreat getaways so that you can get even more of what you enjoy.

For the first time in 2023 Megan and James will host a Four Sides retreat in Croatia!


Four Sides Physio’s believe knowledge is key to injury prevention, maximising rehab potential and ultimately strength. Each month we put together our latest news, blogs, favourite recipes and exercises. You can catch up on our community page or get the latest to your inbox each month. Just update your communication preferences on your account page here.







Megans book STRONGER was published in 2021! 

Megans book includes all of her physiotherapy tips and tools to feel your strongest after pregnancy and birth. You can get your copy at all the normal book places and at Four Sides. 

Performance Physio is what we do!

What ever your sport, dance, work or hobby our team have you covered. Each a specialist in their field, our physios are experienced and well regarded in the community. Check out our team page to find your expert.

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