Post Natal Pilates Method

Four Sides Post Natal Pilates Method

Our complete physio led pilates rehabilitation that will take you from day one post birth through to full strength.

We will guide you through the post natal Pilates method we have used in our own recovery and support you through this new journey. As specialist Physiotherapists and mums we know what it takes to rehabilitate during these precious weeks. 

We have broken our program down into 4 shorter sections so you can dip in and out as your time allows. In our method we address: 

Back/pelvic pain; rehabilitation and modifications to resolve symptoms and enjoy pain free exercise. 

Pelvic floor; Recovering from birth injuries and weakness through to functional rehabilitation. 

Abdominal stretch; Giving you the tools to rehabilitate and strengthen from home.

4 short workouts to cover our essentials of your postpartum recovery. Complete each section on their own, or combine the sections for a full workout.

Equipment needed: Soft Pilates Ball (essential) Massage ball / tennis ball (preferred but not essential)

Suitable for: Anybody on their post natal journey, from day 1 to year 1. Sections 1 & 2 from day 1 and 3 & 4 from 6 weeks post partum. 

The essentials to recover no matter when you start.

Four Sides Post Natal Pilates Method Video Sections

Stretch and Release

Stretch and Release – To mobilise the body from head to toe, targeting areas tensioned by pregnancy and in your new role as a mum. For flexibility, mobility and improved posture.


Activation – The essentials to find and recruit our deep core and pelvic floor. We build tension and strength from the inside out, re-setting your foundations.

Pelvic Ring Closure

Pelvic Ring Closure – We challenge your pelvic stability and strength to prevent or relieve pain and dysfunction of the core and pelvic floor. Once we have re-set our foundations with "Activation" we move onto these bigger muscles.

Core Abdominals

Core Abdominals – A progression of our strength training, shortening and tightening of the abdominal muscles which have been challenged during pregnancy. This is a more advanced video, to move onto once you have re-built tension and created tummy closure.